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Why consider preplanned funeral and cremation arrangements?

IDC Insurance Direct Canada is pleased to offer prepaid funeral and cremation insurance. Until now, this product has not been available on-line, especially for those with an illness.


Pre-planning your final arrangements can be one of the greatest gifts you provide for your loved ones. When the death occurs this gift will be there at one of their greatest times of need.  There will be no second guessing of what you wanted, any huge costs incurred, and best of all, the final arrangements are looked after with one phone call and meeting.  The plan will be what you wanted to have happen and most of the costs will be covered.  Your family just needs to concentrate on celebrating your life as you planned. A prepaid funeral plan including the cremation, funeral director services and all the documentation can cost less than $2,000 although the average is a higher.


Most people have met with a lawyer who has helped them prepare a will so that their assets are distributed according to their wishes. The absence of a will leads to family squabbles and increased stress as people try to figure out what you wanted to have happen.   Meeting with an advanced planning specialist is simply part of this process. 

By prearranging and prepaying your final arrangements, you eliminate all the stress and potential family squabbles by clearly stating what you want to have happen.  The good news is that, unlike the legal fees to execute the will, most of the costs are already paid for resulting in little expense to your family. Click here for further details on the process of advanced planning and prepaid funeral plans. 


The costs of death care services are increasing with inflation; does it not make sense to lock the cost of your arrangements in at today’s dollars?  You can do this with a onetime payment or, as many people do, choose to pay for it over 3 to 20 years.  This way it is affordable and you avoid inflation on the services and merchandise provided through our new relationship with Alternatives Funeral & Cremation Services® (the new name for Personal Alternative® Funeral Services).

At the time of a death, funeral homes require immediate payment. Once our advanced planning consultant has worked through what you want, we find that many clients take advantage of the prepayment feature.  The gift of prepaying your final arrangements not only provides most of the funds at the moment they are required but also removes the stress to your family of selecting a funeral provider, determining  a budget, finding the money and making the arrangements.

Making final arrangements in advance will mean so much to your survivors after a death occurs.  One phone call and meeting and the details are looked after.

IDC Insurance Direct Canada is excited about our new relationship with Alternatives Funeral & Cremation Services®. Established in 1992, Alternatives® is Western Canada’s largest family owned funeral home and crematorium.  They are licensed as a full-service funeral provider and crematorium by Consumer Protection BC, an arm of the Government of the Province of British Columbia. I chose them as we had a good personal experience with them. They were more affordable than the typical funeral home and we really appreciated that they came to our home to complete the final arrangements at time of a death.

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